Game Developer Guide

List your game on IndieRaid, and acquire users cost-efficiently and effectively

Getting Started

First, you must have a game that's readily playable by the streamers. Downloadable games are fine. Just make sure they're easy to download, install and play. Then, you need to create an account with us. If you haven't done so, visit here.

Submitting Your Game

It is free to submit your game in! Once logged in, click on [My Games] on the menu, and then, click on [Add Game] button.

Setting Twitch Category

If your game already exists as Twitch's Category then you can assign your game's category inside IndieRaid game's Twitch Category field:

If your game does not exist as Twitch's Category yet, you can submit your game as Twitch's Category by following this instruction. It usually takes 24-48 hours to get your game added.

Adding Balance

To increase your balance of your budget, please send Paypal payment to [email protected], and make sure to include your game's name in the message of the payment.

Setting Budget

The streamers are rewarded for playing your game and the amount of this reward is determined by 5 variables:

  1. The number of concurrent viewers that the streamer had at the time of playing the game

  2. The number of viewers that are redirected to game's website from clicking on streamer's IndieRaid Twitch panel.

  3. The maximum amount that you are willing to spend per streaming session

  4. The maximum amount that you are willing to spend per day

  5. The amount of time that streamer is required to play your game

All of the above can be adjusted within IndieRaid's game submission modal.


Game developers can check how many streamers have played his/her game, and how many viewers they brought with them in [Reports] page. It will also show the spending information and play-history grouped by date.

Clicking on any one of the date rows will expand it and show the detailed report of your daily activity.