What is Indie Raid?

Indieraid is a game discovery platform that pays streamers for playing games that are listed on the platform.

Why game developers ❤️Indie Raid:

  1. Playtesting - the game developers can learn how to improve in their games by watching streamers playing their games.

  2. User acquisition - streamers have viewers of all sizes. The games that they’re playing will be marketed to the viewers in the most genuine way possible.

  3. 100% transparent reporting - the game developers are able to see gameplay footage of every streaming of their games, and know exactly how their marketing budget is spent.

Why streamers ❤️Indie Raid:

  1. Consistent source of income - We are constantly adding new games to our site, and streamers will always have games that they can play and earn money from.

  2. Fair pay - We pay the streamers based on how many viewers they have, how long they play the game, and how many clicks they garner. The streamers’ earnings are immediately updated after a streaming session is completed.